Your Life through Glass

We provide various services to help you get the most out of your Glass. Our mission is to help you better live your life (with the help of Google Glass).

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Contact Information

Please contact us at support at glasslane if you have any questions or suggestions. You can also find us on Twitter. Our handle is @glass_lane.

Terms of Service

Although Video Lane for Glass is an open (and free) service, we do not condone or permit abuse (or any illegal or immoral use) of the service. Please notify us of any suspicious activities such as spamming or phishing, or otherwise questionable activities such as posting generally offensive or hateful content, etc.

Google App Engine

Video Lane for Glass is being built and run on Google App Engine. The fact that Video Lane for Glass is powered by Google App Engine means that you, as a user of the service, can be assured of the reliability of the service. Furthermore, your data will be safe since it is stored on Google's data storage. Video Lane for Glass is hosted on Google's infrastructure, and it will be available as long as Google is in business.

When will Video Lane for Glass be fully released?

Video Lane for Glass is a free service. We will likely keep this as "beta" for a while. (Note that the consumer edition of Google Glass will be likely released some time early next year.) New features will be gradually added over time. Please let us know if you have any particular features which you'd like to see on Video Lane for Glass. We will likely prioritize our development based on users' demands/feedback. Also, we'd greatly appreciate any bug report.